Native mobile synchronize a list (how to bring a new object to the device)

Situation: - A native mobile app displays a list of employees with a profile picture. - A manager adds an employee. How to get this new employee on the mobile device? Instant update is not needed. When the user gets back  to the page displaying the list of employees that is fine enough.   The solution available now is to add employee and the profile picture entities to the “Synchronization Configuration”. When the user goes back a “synchronize all” action is performed. This  action retrieves all employees and  profile pictures from the server.  But it retrieves all other not needed entitys from the server to. That doesn’t seem a good idea for the performance. The option to synchronize “Selected object(s)’ only synchronizes the available objects. It doesn’t executed the “Synchronization Configuration”-rule for the entity. So it doesn’t bring the new employee to the device. The option to call a microflow retrieving the data from the server is not availabe to because System.Images can’t be made NPA. That is a requirement because microflows can only return NPA’s to nanoflows. This option also requires that all entitys need to be transformed to NPA’s for other situations Am I missing an option to get a newly added item on the server to the device without synchronizing all objects?
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You can use the Synchronize to device action in your microflow to send an object to the device. Just make sure that you don't sync all data in your sync configuration, could be problematic with a large database.


Edit: I thought it was all native mobile. If you want to take specific objects and sync these to the device, call a microflow from a nanoflow running in the native mobile app and sync the objects to the device from there.