Can a change to the length of a string in a NPE cause an app to crash?

hi, We have an app that uses NPE to store some data; it was discovered that a string within the NPE was too small so we increased it (from 200 to unlimited), we then built and pushed a new version of the app. Any user who had the app open now receive error messages when they try to use it.  Going into app info > storage > clear data, then re-opening the app users don’t see any errors and the app works fine. Is it possible that the increase in string size within the NPE is causing this issue, that was only change in builds. App is a native app in 9.18.2
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Theoratically: yes. Upon opening the app, it will start the synchronization and if they retrieve an object having over 200 characters in the attribute, which it still has defined as 200-char length, it will run into an error. It is actually a mismatch between you app’s database and the database that the apk is expecting. I would (again theoratically) expect this only to happen if the new apk (having the new attribute-lentgh) has not yet been pushed to the phones.