Documentation or help required for nanoflow activity SendTextMessage.

Hi All, I am thinking to use the SendTextMessage activity of nanoflow for sending SMS to user. In activity I can give phone number as an input but no option to give body of message. Anyone can help me on this.?  
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In Mendix, the SendTextMessage activity in a nanoflow is used to send SMS messages to users. However, the SendTextMessage activity does not provide an option to directly specify the body of the message.

To work around this limitation, you can use a combination of other actions and activities to achieve your goal. Here's an example of how you can send an SMS message with a custom body using nanoflow:

Create a microflow that accepts the body of the message as a parameter.
Inside the microflow, use the "Call REST service" action to make an HTTP request to an SMS gateway service provider's API.

Set the necessary request headers and parameters to specify the recipient's phone number and the message body. Refer to the API documentation of your chosen SMS gateway service provider for the specific requirements.
Handle the response from the API accordingly (e.g., log any errors or update your application's data).

In your nanoflow, use the "Call microflow" activity and pass the desired message body as a parameter.
By following these steps, you can send SMS messages with a custom body using Mendix and nanoflows. Keep in mind that the specific implementation details may vary depending on the SMS gateway service provider you choose and any updates or changes made to Mendix.


Hi Bhushan,


I found some documentation on Github for this module. (link below)

How to start?

  • Install yarn via npm i -g yarn or using your favorite package manager like homebrew
  • Execute yarn set version berry to define the latest version of yarn
  • Execute yarn to install and link dependencies


But since the option is not available out of the box you might find more luck for your use case with a different module from the marketplace.