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Hi community,   This question has been asked a couple of times before, but some time ago with for me unfullfilling answers. Since the Mendix offline implementation has improved significantly over the past year I wanted to verify again: Does Mendix have a standard for checking whether a user is online? We need this in our offline app to ‘know’ whether objects need to be synced at a later stage. For now we have implemented a simple Java Script action that tries to hit a specific site and if status code 200 is returned, the Mendix app perceives this as the user being online.   I would have really liked if there was some variable or standard javascript solution from Mendix itself. Does anybody know of such a thing?
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Hi Ivo,


Expanding on what Javith said, there are several JS actions that can be used (Celluar, Wifi and General).


In the case where you weren't able to sync earlier on there is also some general actions that you can use in decisions:



HI Ivo,


In Nanoflow commons we have java script IsConnectedToServer to check whether the user is online.