Native app gives an error when launching

Hi guys   We  have a 9.3.0. on prem Mendix native app running. This app runs from within a Blackberry container (we have a custom integration with the Blackberry dynamics SDK 11.0). We build the ipa custom with a local configuration. And use Yarn as package manage to install the  needed packages.   Error when launching The before build were working fine. But currently we are facing an issue whereby we get a default Mendix error message when the app is trying to launch: “Contact your systema admin”...with a popup to restart the app. When trying to restart the app, it crashes again. We have unfortunately no server side logging about this. And client side for 9.3.0. is per default not enabled.   What could cause the above issue? 1 – Insynchronous/corrupt file documents between client and back end? → With New DB the error occured stil. I have seen this eror before when the files from client and back end where not in sync, and deleting the files on both sides would solve the issue.  Created a new db but even then the error was occuring.   2 – Networking, landscape, Blackberry issue’s? Since we run on-prem and the Mx native runs from a Blackberry sheel,  it could be something related to the network, Blackberry or other landscape related systems (application, db server). But since we are making succesfull connection over the network with the back end (this is validated) I expect those are working correct. I expect that the issue is still (client) side on Mendix.   ….     Wondering who has experienced same/similar issue and has an idea about the cause and solution?    
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It was not a sync issue directly, the db structure was corrupted, so the mobile app could not connect to the db with the right db schema etc. restarting the app and letting mx syncing the db has solved the issue.


Hi Sinan,


It seems to be a sync issue if your app is not starting beyond the splashscreen. In my experience these arise when

- Files are not present for image/filedocument objects (but you tackled this if I understand correctly)

- Build version of the app is not in sync with runtime version

- If you sync Datahub (external) entities but the connection to the Datahub resource fails