Handling REST data in Native Mobile

Hi guys.   I am building a native mobile app which will make use of a lot of rest services. I am currently facing the following issue I have a non persistent entity which gets populated on a rest call via an import mapping.    When returning this non persistent entity to the nanoflow, I get the following error: Did not expect an argument to be undefined.   When I return the JSON as a string it seems to work correctly. However, there does not seem an out of the box method to get the JSON into the entity within the nanoflow.   I have tried to create a separate microflow which would just apply the import mapping, but the issue still exists.   I’m using version 9.18.4 to develop the app.   Has anyone ever face similar issues and would be able to point me to the right direction.   PS. All attributes in the entity are populated when I inspect the variables in the variables window.   EDIT – Screenshots:   Microflow:   Nanoflow:  
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Does the user have read rights on the returned object?


Have you already configured a read access rule on TestResponse in the entity access so that the user executing the nanoflow (and microflow) is allowed to see TestResponse in the nanoflow? 


If not, an empty object is returned to the nanoflow and thus the nanoflow will throw an error.