Native style: Bottom Sheet widget

Hello everyone, I’m using a bottom-sheet widget but when I open the page; the page opens up empty.   and this is the general setting.   I want to be something like this.
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2 questions:

  1. Are you setting the boolean value on the button click?
    1. on the widget source code it is listening to this exact boolean, on its value change the bottom sheet opens or closes. (its a React SideEffect)
  2. can you give the exact widget name you downloaded from marketplace? is it this one:
    1. if yes then the widget properties in the source code of the widget seems to be different that what you show in the photo above
    2. lets validate if you are using the right one.

let me know more details to help out.


Thank you Ganesh for answering me.
I'm using the bottom sheet widget that was built from Mendix, not from the marketplace.

I have followed your instruction and it's working for me, but the sheet appears at the end of the page as the screenshot shows.


The goal: I want to edit the height of the bottom sheet as the screenshot shows.