Native App fails to open after OTA update, NativeBatchedLogHandler

Hello Community,   I’m having a strange problem with my native app. This application is in the final testing fase and a tester found a typo in some text, I've released an OTA update for this small typo. After downloading the OTA update the app will no longer pass the splash-screens. I've build an app for local develment i've found that there's an error which I don't know how to fix.   NativeBatchedLogHandler' has not been initialized, please make sure to call 'NativeBatchedLogHandler.initialize' before calling this method   If I search for this class/name in my project it comes up with no results Does anyone know how to fix this problem but more importantly how to make sure this doesn't happen when we have the app in production. 
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Did you update your Native App builder before you pushed the OTA update?  If so, you may have to build a new version of the native app.  When you try to build a native version of the mobile app, do you run into the same issue?