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We are having an issue where the OIDC callback is working properly for our production environment native app, but it does not seem to be working for our acceptance environment native app.   We currently have a production environment and an acceptance environment for our application.  We also have both a web app, and a native app for both environments.  And, lastly, we have 4 SSO configurations set up, one for each instance.   For the production environment we have the callback URLs as the following and both the web and the native app work properly: Web = Native = appname://oauth/v2/callback For the acceptance environment, we have the callback URLs as the following, and the web is the only one that the callback is working properly: Web = Native = appnameaccp://oauth/v2/callback   Any ideas why the acceptance native app’s callback is not working?
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You should not need 2 SSO configurations for web and mobile. Instead, the web URL callback flow can differentiate a mobile login and redirect to the native url automatically. So, you only need 1 SSO configuration per environment.


Hi Carter,


From what I've learned during the implementation of this module:


1.Make sure to add the app events to your page and to use one of the actions behind the buttons in the Login_Mobile_Button (OIDC):



2.Also activate Deep link capability in the Build Native Mobile App:



3.Set the MobileURLScheme to your app name (without the ://)