Logs Missing And Showing In Wrong Order

I have a published native mobile app.  When I run this app in our production cloud environment, the live logs do not show all of the log messages I have added to my flows.  I have marked them all as “INFO”, and made sure the filters are set to include that log level.  I also have some of the log messages that are showing that show up in the wrong order.   I also am not able to see any log messages at all when I run the app in our acceptance environment.   When I run the app in Make It Native, all log messages show properly, and show in the proper order.   This is really hurting my ability to debug issues my app is having.  Any ideas?
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Hi Carter,

Have you configured the Log Level in the Environment’s configuration within the Cloud Portal? From your message above it sounds like you have set the log level when you create the log messages in your app, and you have the appropriate log level filter selected in the Live log viewer, but you may not have configured the log level in your production environment’s configuration. 


To do this, go to the Environments page in Developer Portal / Cloud Portal for your app, select Details for your Production environment, and then select the Log Levels tab. There, check that the appropriate nodes have a log level of INFO configured based on what you want to debug, or just use the ‘Set all to Info’ button to easily set all nodes to log at Info level. You will notice this configuration gives you very fine grained control over the amount of logging your app will produce in each of your deployment environments. This allows you to limit logging to just what you need, minimizing any performance overhead caused by logging, and keeping logging output more manageable.   


Hope this helps,