native image sync error: Image type of picture_2023-04-19_12-18-13 is not supported

Hi!   I’m struggeling… I hope someone can help.   In a native application (9.24, 9.24.1 & 9.24.2) taking a picture goes as expected, but when synchronising the picture from an android device  to the server (I tested on three different devices), I get the following error: "Image type of 'picture_2023-04-19_12-18-13' is not supported". From my iOS device it works without errors.   In the metadata of the picture file types differ:   Android: “image/jpeg” iOS: image/jpg   I tried both Take Picture JS actions, with different quality and measurement settings, leaving out spec chars in the name, using default name, and much more…   Even when I sync an image taken in the native app on an ios device to the server, then sync it to android, and than trigger a sync on the android device, I get the error. This makes me think the problem is not in the TakePicture.js action, but more in the sync proces.   And the best part has yet to come, in a new fresh project, all goes well...   Can someone help maybe? Maybe you experienced this before? I’m running out of options...   Thanks! 
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Bart and I ended up finding the cause of the problem, just leaving the answer here so that others can benefit too:



Turns out you can fix the issue by turning off encryption of local files and images. Of course this isn't a good solution and only a workaround if you actually want to encrypt files on your device, so we sent a ticket to Mendix so they can hopefully look into it.


Edit: Mendix fixed this, see Bart's answer.




Mendix fixed this issue in Native Template v7.0.8.







He Bart,


Please check on the image extensions once you take the image on the Android device. Check on the image properties whether you have a valid extension or type of the image. Compare the props with iOS-triggered action and android triggered action.



Vignesh S