Download File On Native Flow

Hello, I have an application that is on both web and native.  I have a flow that successfully creates a PDF file using a microflow and a document template.  The microflow uses the “Generate File” and “Download file” activities to create and download the file.   The flow works perfectly on web, but it does not download the file on native.  I have debugged the flow many times, and it appears to be running through the flow just fine on the native side except for no file downloads to the iPad.   Any ideas why this is not working?  
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Hi Carter,

Use this module for Native file download:

A java script action is present to download file in native. 


Also, you can refer to this forum post. This post will give you an idea of why your usual Download file activity does not work in native apps.



Dinesh, here is a picture of my updated nanoflow: