Access file from download folder on mobile device

I am trying to access an excel file in mobile’s (iOS and android both) download folder and save it as a Mendix file document to be read on the server. But I am not able to access the files in download folder. I am using Native file documents module ( to access the download folder, using read dir JS action, full path ‘/storage/emulated/0/Download/’ but not able to do so. Getting error that folder does not exist.  Please help if I am doing something wrong or there is another JS/method/module that I am supposed to use, to copy file from device’s download folder to mendix.
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A native app cannot programmatically access files outside of its allocated filesystem on a device. You’ll need to prompt the user to manually select and “upload” the file in your native app. The `openDocumentPicker` javascript action in the Native File Documents module should provide the functionality you need.