Overriding the default Mendix classes for Widgets in a Native Mobile project

Hi,   I have tried overriding the default classes of Mendix for Widgets in a Native Mobile project but without success. I created a Styling module and followed the Mendix documentation regarding creating a custom Theme.   How can I override the default classes defined by Mendix for Widgets without the need of setting classes on widgets in a Native Mobile project?
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Many of the styling properties of Mendix widgets can be changed by setting new values on variables in custom-variables.js in the theme.


Some variables may not yet exist, open the styling of Atlas_Core and look them up in variables.js.


You can overrule other styling by exporting a class with the same name from your theme or a UI resource module that has higher priority than Atlas Core. When you right-click your theme module you can mark it as UI module. By default, it will get a higher priority than Atlas_Core