Get current location

Hi All   We have a native application in which we use the get current location js action quite often in a nanoflow.  However, it seems that sometimes this action is returning wrong coordinates. The problem is  that it’s not always returning wrong locations but from time to time. We tried changing the setting from low accury to high accury but this did not help us. The current timeout is set to 5000ms as this is a demand from business. I think 5 seconds should be quite fine to get a location. The maximum age is set to 60 seconds.   Any idea what is causing this problem?   Kind rergards
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The problem of occasionally getting inaccurate coordinates with the "Get current location" JavaScript action in our native application could be due to factors like sporadic GPS signal variations at my location, differences between individual devices, or network-related delays, even though we've set a 5-second timeout and a 60-second maximum age for the location data.