List View Not Scrolling Properly

This is not a question, but I wanted to post it here in case it helps someone else.   I was having issues with the list view widget on native mobile where sometimes the list would scroll all the way through the list and all of the list items would be visible.  Other times, the list view would act like it was going to scroll, but it would snap back up to the top leaving the other items below the visible page.   I found out that this is tied to the size of the layout grid row my list view widget was in.  Turns out that the layout grid row height actually extended beyond the visible part of the page on my iPad.  Thus the list view thought that the whole list was visible and didn’t need to scroll.   I solved this issue by creating a native class and adjusted the “height” property to make the layout grid row be just above the bottom bar of my native page.  Once the layout grid row matched the visible space on my page, the list view scrolled as it should.   Here is the class I created: export const rowOverview = { container: { flexDirection: "row", flexWrap: "wrap", marginHorizontal: -16, height: 620, } };   Hopefully this helps someone else!
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