Push Notification on PWA

Hi, nowadays PWA support Push Notification even on iOS 16.4. Mendix is mentioning that it is supporting Push Notification on Android but not on Apple, but I think because at the moment when the documentation was written, Apple haven’t implemented it yet. We are trying to test this feature, but on Mendix there is a lack of documentation on how to do this.  There is a guide that is entirely based on the Native App development, that should enable a developer to embed push notification in a Mendix Native App. But what about PWA development? Do you know if there is any resource or documentation that I can use to implement this functionality? Thanks Matteo  
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Currently Push notifications are not supported for PWAs on iOS.

You can refer this link for more details : https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/mobile/introduction-to-mobile-technologies/progressive-web-app/