Custom sound & vibration push notification android

Hello fellow Mendixers,   I'm trying to get a custom sound to play with a custom vibration when receiving a push notification on an offline native android app. I've adjusted the json POST to FCM to include the following:           "android": {{             "notification": {{                 "title": "Alarm - test",                 "body": "Body - test",                 "sound": "fart.wav",             "default_sound": false,             "default_vibrate_timings": false,             "vibrate_timings": [                 "0.3s",                 "0.3s"             ],                 "notification_count": "10"             }         }   The vibration array seems to be in the correct format, and the sound file has been uploaded to github (/android/app/src/main/res/raw folder).   Unfortunately on receiving a push notification the default sound is played. Also the default vibration pattern is played when the phone is on vibrate only mode.   Does anyone know how to get this working properly?
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