Error Call JavaScript Action After Taking Photo from Camera

 Hello everyone, I’m new to mendix and trying to make a new native app I want to make an app that can use camera just like on the tutorial here I followed the step but got an error after taking a photo   An error occurred while executing an action of NativeMobile.CreateTransaksi.actionButton3: undefined Nanoflow stack:  "Call JavaScript Action" in nanoflow "NativeMobile.CameraNF" Current page: NativeMobile.CreateTransaksi Stack: Me@ r@ k@ u@ p@ N@ callReactNativeMicrotasks@ value@ value@ value@ value@[native code] value@[native code] Anyone knows about this? because I tried to follow the step carefully but still got the error Thanks in advance
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You could check if you are using the correct version of the Native Mobile Resources module for your version of Studio Pro. For Studio Pro version 9.24.x you need v4.0.3 of the Native Mobile Resouces module.
Besides that make sure your access rights are correct, if don’t have security set to ‘off’ in your project.