Looking for a way to do deferred deep linking into a Mendix native app

Hey all,   I'm looking for a way to do deferred deep linking. A regular deep link would open the Mendix App based (if installed) on the specified page (documented here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto8/mobile/native-deep-link/) but with Deferred deep link the user doesn't have the app yet, but will be redirected to the app store (Google Play store or Apple App store), do the install and after installation still gets redirected to the specified page. There are some tools out there that build their business around it (branch.io, appflyer), but they don't offer all the capabilities we need. So I'm looking into a ways to pass parameters into the app (after install) or get referrer / attribution information into the Mendix Native app. Thus far I found Play Install Referrer Library (Android) and Ad attribution (iOS, which only works for Apple Ads) Both options don't really solve the issue as there is no way to pass sufficient information in there.It feels like the only approach is to do device fingerprinting and store that with the deep link url and after installation look via an API if the current device fingerprint matches a fingerprint with the deeplinks. But fingerprinting (device properties like ios, useragent, resolution, ip-address) isn't really that accurate and would require storing much information which we prefer not to store (privacy preserving). Is there a better way to do this? Has anyone done this with Mendix native apps before?
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