OIDC SSO Native Mobile App

Hi,   This is a similar issue that is encountered in this other post with a problem with the session.  We’re trying to implement Single Sign On for a native mobile app using OpenID Connect (OIDC).  What we’re finding is that while using the Make It Native App for Android for the OIDC login process the user session isn’t successfully authenticated until the Make It Native app itself is forced to restart.  In the SUB_HandleLoginDeeplink nanoflow for the OIDC module towards the end after a successful SSO attempt, the SetToken helper is called twice, in the second one the new session token is supposed to be set.  Below is the javascript that’s supposed to be doing this: mx.session.tokenStore.set(value) Once this new token is set, an authenticated session is supposed to be set, the app is reloaded in order for that new session to take effect.  The RestartApp helper is called, Below is the javascript restarting the app: mx.reload(); However, what we’re finding is that once the app reloads in the Make It Native environment at least the session is still anonymous.  However, if we kill the Make It Native app and start it up again, the session is set correctly, and we are then in the desired authenticated session. Right now we are still developing the app so we don’t have a version that can be deployed into the App Store to test out a real APK.  Essentially what we’re trying to find out is this a bug with the Make It Native app, or is this process just not working?  Also, I’m not successfully finding any documentation to explain where this token is being stored, I’m not seeing it in the database anywhere so any insight into where this token is actually being stored would be useful.   Thanks,   Michael  
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