Retrieving specialized object from generalized object in nanoflow.

Hi Experts,   I have a use case where I need to retrieve specialized object from generalized object in nanoflow.  As you know casting is not supported in nanoflow and passing persistable object from microflow to nanoflow is not supported in native , is there a work around for this ?   Thanks in advance.
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Only way I can think of then, would be to use an enumeration in the general object that is related to the specialization and add some logic in the nanoflow


Eg Person is general

InternalUser is specialization of Person

ExternalUser is specialization of Person

Enum_PersonType consists of two values: Internal and External

When you create InternalUser, you set the enum to Internal and for ExternalUser to External. (for directly created Person object, you leave it emtpy)
In the Nanoflow you have the Person object. If the enum is set to Internal, you retrieve the InternalUser with the same id as the Person Object.


does this make sense?