Picture Missing

I created a native app and I inserted a picture. But the picture only shows on IOS but not on android. Is there a reason why it happening?
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  1. File Format Compatibility: Make sure that the image file format you're using (e.g., JPEG, PNG) is supported by both iOS and Android. Some image formats might display fine on one platform but not on the other.

  2. File Path or URL: Check if the file path or URL specified for the image is valid and accessible from both iOS and Android devices. Paths that are valid on iOS might not be the same on Android. Ensure that the image URL is relative and points to the correct location within the app.

  3. Image Size and Resolution: The image's size and resolution might be causing the issue. Extremely large images could cause problems on certain devices. Try resizing the image to a reasonable resolution and size.

  4. Platform-Specific Styling: Sometimes, platform-specific styling might affect the visibility of images. Make sure that there are no platform-specific CSS rules that are impacting the visibility of the image on Android.