offline synchronization in native mobile app

I want skip the process of offline synchronization while login in Mendix native mobile app and want to perform it after login on home page .because in my condition, I have to use more entities  and heavy data in my native mobile app .And because of offline synchronization login is taking around 2 minute which is very long . so any one knows how to perform this or have any alternative to resolve this problem ,then please help me .
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Hello Dheeraj


You probably need to configure the settings in Navigation/Native Mobile/Configure Sync to constrain the amount of entities been sync’ed.


In  addition, there's an excellent demo project that uses incremental sync to mitigate this kind of problem. Please see the link below:


Finally, be aware that if you proceed with the logout after using your app, the local database is swiped out. So, in a subsequent login, a full sync will be performed, potentially causing a delay depending on the amout of objects to be sync’ed.