Native signature widget events not working

On my project, we're running into the issue described in this thread:   The weird thing is though, we already had this issue in the past and managed to solve it. Here's a general timeline:   Added signature widget and found out the save, clear and onend events didn't work Updated native mobile resources, this fixed the issue. The widget worked perfectly for a number of months Recently, a feature branch was merged with our mainline. This branch included an upgrade to the OIDC module and the Native Mobile Resources module. Since that merge, the widget events no longer worked in MakeItNative and on Android apks. It still seems to work in the iOS version. We removed and re-added the Native Mobile Resources module and this solved the issue for MakeItNative, but not for Android apks. We've run npm install various times to make sure all the dependencies and such were in order We compared the working revision with the broken revision, but could find no obvious causes We started a fresh project and added the latest native mobile resources and added various other modules that we use, but we couldn't manage to break the widget in that project   Does anyone have any good ideas on next steps, or even better, a straight up solution? :-) Let me know if there are any further questions and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible.  
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If you run a native app build, are there any differences in package.json? It works in the Make It Native app but not on Android, seems an issue with dependencies then. You can also compare the native app build against a fresh project with the same dependencies and the widget somewhere on a native page.