Native Mobile - Sign User Out if App is Closed

Hello, our native mobile app has a requirement that if a signed in user (Administration.Account) closes the app without a manual sign off, then reopens the app, they should be signed out and redirected to the login page. This behavior should differ from signing in then putting the app in the background without closing - where we are using a timeout.   Currently, if a signed in user closes the app and reopens it, they will still be signed in and directed to the User home page.   Is it possible to sign the user out if they close the app, and/or is it possible to check when they reopen the app if it is coming from the background vs. a fresh open so we can decide whether to sign them out?
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You can use the app events widget from the Native mobile resources – you can specify different actions for OnStartup and OnResume - that should work for your use case :)