In mobile native app, after login/signin, the login page will show again. How to make the login page not show again?

I’m trying the login page in native mobile app. First I create a new app with the blank native mobile template. And then set the home page to the login page, and set the project’s security to prototype/demo. And in the login nanoflow, the “Go Make it” page is opened after the login. Then I start the project, and open it in Make It Native 10 App. But after I login the app, see the “Go Make it” page, and wait a while, the app begin to reload, and bring me back to the login page.     This is the log from console: Seams the app is syncing after login. How to make the login page not show again, after the data syncing?
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The login page should be the home page only for the anonymous user role. After login, the user is no longer anonymous so you should select another home page (or default home page that is not the sign-in page) for the userrole that’s assigned after sign-in.

You can find more information in the documentation here.