use client api to create object in react-native

hey mendix community , I’m trying to develop native widget and I need to create an object of type System.file in the react native code within the widget ,  so actually I have referred to this document  the document referes to which has the needed functionality to create an object within the code , now i really don’t know the way to implement this API within the code but I think that in this document the last section in the home page describes how to implement the client API but I really can tell that the code only can be used within web component rather than native one it’s obvious the document meant the web widget . this is the section I’m referring to    “Structure The client consists of a number of subsystems and some object classes that implement the concepts used by these subsystems. All subsystems exist inside a single object, mx, while the object classes are divided between the mxui and mendix namespaces. You can load the client with some lines similar to the following in your HTML file: <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/atlas/theme/file.css"> <script> dojoConfig = { baseUrl: "path/to/dojo/" }; </script> <script src="path/to/mxui/mxui.js"></script> This starts the client and tries to log into the system.”   now my question is how to accomplish this  in react-native widget?
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