create object using native pluggable widget

hey mendix community ,  so I’m trying to create and commit object within native pluggable widget using this code{ entity: "NativeMobile.fileEntity", callback: objecty => { objecty.set("title", "test.wav");"Object created on server II", objecty); commit(objecty);"Object created on server", objecty); }, error: function (e) { console.error("Could not commit object:", e); } }); }; const commit = obj => {{ mxobjs: [obj], callback: () => { console.log("Object committed", obj); }, error: function (e) { console.error("Could not commit object:", e); }, onValidation: validations => {"onValidation", validations); } }); }; now every time I try to create the object , the object created with values as shown in the image below  the picture shows that all values comes empty values in away or another (that’s what I assume) , with this odd output I can’t set any attributes values since my code set the attribute “title” to “test.wav” and the object won’t be commited and I get this error when I try to commit it now I have tried the same code on pluggable-widget web version it works perfectly , I could create and commit the object with no issues , the values I received from the web widget shown in the picture below I’m so curios to know why is this happening and what could be the solution ?
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