Handling photos in a native app

Hi,   I'm trying to configure a native app to handle photos in an efficient way. We have a list of inspections for a client that can, over the course of a few years, become a list of thousands for some people. Per inspection, the users can also see some photos that have been added. This can be multiple photos. Inspections stay relevant over the years, so the client wants old data to stay visible. The photo itself comes from an API as a base64 via two webservices.   These are the approaches I’ve tried thus far: Simply saving the photos to the phone this worked fine, until I found out there is a lot more data than initially expected, so this doesn't seem like a valid option anymore Setting up the native configuration via an xpath on a new association. When the user needs to see the photo, the association used in the xpath is set with the photo and the data is synced this failed due to the sync not working properly (I think) Directly calling the webservices on the page and showing the photos to the user this didn't work reliably every time. I saw it working locally but it remained problematic once in testing.   Does anyone have any tips for how to approach this? I've currently only got photos visible on the web version of the app, and it feels janky not to match the web and native versions.
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