Downloading Zip Files in Native Mobile

I have a requirement to download multiple files at once for a native mobile app. I can successfully zip the files on the server, synchronize to the device, and download the .zip file. However, there seems to be unnecessary sub folders. For instance, my zip file will have the correct name, then if I’ve zipped 3 files there will be 3 sub folders, each named whatever the 3 files are named. Within these 3 sub folders is another sub folder with the name ‘1’, then within this ‘1’ folder is the actual file I’ve zipped (in my case, a .pdf) which is named incidentally named with a substring of whatever I name my FileDocument generalization in my microflow.    I’ll provide a diagram to better show what the folder structure looks like.   Anyone know why this is the case downloading on mobile? I’ve used the same java action to zip and then download on a web app and it doesn’t create these extra sub folders.
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