Attempt to illegally change a value for object with id 123 & Frozen Launch screen

Dear community,   We are facing an issue on native mobile. In the past there have been similar platform issues, but wondering if you experienced such behaviour. Context We are running App on Premises, , on version 9.12.14. This a native mobile app , where some users see on irregular basis the following two errors. Our users have serious issues when using the native app. Error 1 Timestamp 2023/10/05 13:41:51.924 Level Error Node Connector Message  An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'jbos1' with session id 'dbf392f2-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXd315' and roles 'User'] Stack trace Attempt to illegally change a value for object with id '19421773393035263' (NativeMobile.AppContext). Object hash is invalid! com.mendix.webui.requesthandling.HashUtilImpl$.verifyHash (HashUtilImpl.scala:56) Reproduction scenario Error 1 The native app has been used and put on side while the mx screen is still open. So the device falls standby while the screen of the app is opened. 30 mins later when proceeding with the app, this error arises. Error 1 Analysis When I look to APD i see that the previous tracing log was that a session is created, and directly after that message this messages comes. Meaning of the error How I should interpret this is that the user still seems not authorized to change the AppContext, while once logged in an user of this role has full read and write rights for this object. Error 2 Some users also experience that the launch screen of the app keeps stuck at it (freezes). We have in our app disabled the native sync (all tables are set to clean data), so that we only sync in custom and controlled way (by syncing from back end to client)   No other error logs in the console are found related to error 2.   I am not able to reproduce error 2 Questions:  1 - Error 1: Can you give details whys this error is caused even when an user has full access and session (logged in) user has access to it? 2 - Error 1: Could this be an bug as it was in earlier versions of mendix? Locally i can not reproduce this. 3 - Error 2:  happens after proceeding after a while. Could it be related to error1? 4 - Error 2: what happens when the launch screen is shown of the native app? How can I track whats happening at that moment and what goes wrong?
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