Accordion Widget - Mendix Native

Hi all,   I am attempting to use the Mendix native accordion widget in my pages, but the accordion widget does not expand fully (see below)   I use the accordion inside a list retrieval with Appearance changes made to it. This listView is inside a dataView. Inside the accordion I retrieve a list via the gallery widget.   Does someone having a working example of the accordion widget that they can share with me? Or has an idea how to fix this widget?
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Hi Brent,


This is a styling issue. The content is there but it is not visible because the group container is too small. I think this is a known limitation for the native accordion widget in conjunction with dynamic content. I would recommend not using this widget for dynamic content and instead using a tab bar or subpages. But if you want to use accordion widget, you can work around this by placing your content inside each group into a Container with a styling set to fixed height.