How to support animated GIFs in a native mobile application on android devices?

Hi Community,   There are several unanswered forum posts (Example 1 / Example 2) on using GIFs as native mobile splash screens. In an extension of this question, I am curious about how to enable animated GIFs for Android devices in the first place as these seem to be unsupported for Android devices according to   React native documentation describes the following solution: You will need to add some optional modules in android/app/build.gradle, depending on the needs of your app.   dependencies { // If your app supports Android versions before Ice Cream Sandwich (API level 14) implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:animated-base-support:1.3.0' // For animated GIF support implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:animated-gif:2.5.0' // For WebP support, including animated WebP implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:animated-webp:2.5.0' implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:webpsupport:2.5.0' // For WebP support, without animations implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:webpsupport:2.5.0' }   Does anyone have experience with this? We are currently having difficulties to assess the impact the implementation of these modules will have on our application.
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