How to use email connector in native mobile?

I'm currently working on a Mendix native mobile app project and have been trying to integrate the Mendix email connector. However, I've encountered some compatibility issues since the email connector appears to be primarily designed for use in Mendix web applications. Has anyone successfully adapted or converted the Mendix email connector for use in a native mobile app context? If so, I'd greatly appreciate insights into the best practices, potential challenges, and any resources or modules that can aid in this conversion.  
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Hi Jazib,

You can use the  Email connector also in a native mobile project. For this download the Email Connector from marketplace then you can Java action named as 'Send Email' when you will use send email it will require two parameters one as 'account' and other one as 'message'. in account it will require the data of account from which you need to send messange so you can retrieve the Email_Connector.EmailAccount then you will get the account information and for message create object of email message and fill the details such as - to , body,content.