Image is taking long time to synchronize from native to server

I am using Take picture (advance) and Take picture activity in a nanoflow to capture  image in native mobile app ,after capturing the image now i want to synchronize the image to server and for this i am using synchronize activity in same nanoflow .This whole process of capturing and synchronizing the image is taking around 30-40 seconds .this is a very long time .how can i reduce this time if any one knows please help me. I am also sharing the screenshot of my nanoflow ./file?guid=19703248378734309
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Hey Dheeraj,


Are you only syncronizing the image object? Or are there other objects being synced as well? Within the synchronize action you can choose what to sync.


Also, is it possible to sync the photo in the background so the user isn't bothered by how long it's taking?