Using Specializations on Native app

I use specializations on a native hybrid app. When I retrieve the Generalization entity then I retrieve the specialization with the same ID in a nanoflow that is client side. Both entities are synced and I get both entities, but the specialization does not have all the attributes. The attributes are not in the variables when I debug. This behavior is not consistent so sometimes it work and later the day without changes I will not work.   Does anyone know what this can be because I did check all my security and the fact that is work and then does not work does not make sense.   I work in mendix verison 10.4.0
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So basically in an offline profile you can have either the generalization or the specialization of an entity, but not both. Which means you cannot do stuff like casting to get a specialization from a generalization list like you would on the server. This explains why you would also get the specialization when you retrieve the generalization since they are the same thing, but not with its specific attributes.


ps the documentation is here