Event Handler Behaviour in Mendix Native

Hi all,   I have a scenario where I need to calculate a RiskProfile for a Portfolio. The RiskProfile consists of RiskWeights, which in turn is determined by the information added to the Portfolio. The users add the information using a Native application.   The RiskProfile is not necessarily required by the user during the data capturing process, however it can have an influence (i.e. the user gets a notification that additional information is required).   In order to obtain the best solution, I want to know when entity event handlers are executed in a native scenario. Does it: Execute on the device side; Execute on the server side once it is synchronized; or Not run at all when created/sync within a native application   Thanks in advanced!
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native apps are offline-first and events only run on the server. Thus the events are run during synchronization.

The full details of the synchronization are documented here:



regards, Fabian