Fully offline-capable PWA - local database - Android - but also iOS?

According to the Documentation for Progressive Web Apps and Documentation for Offline-first Data, we are able to use fully offline-capable PWA with a local database. Unfortunately, Offline data is not supported for PWAs on iOS.       Is there a workaround to still be able to store, and sync data between an iOS device and the main server?     I was thinking about:   Implementing a Custom Sync Logic: developing a custom synchronization logic within the PWA to handle data syncing when the device is online. Like creating a manual sync button or periodically checking for network connectivity and triggering sync accordingly. Local Storage Mechanisms: using local storage mechanisms provided by the browser, such as IndexedDB or Web Storage.   Are these possible? Can you please guide how I could possibly do that?
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If you have a little patience Mendix will fix this for you and make iOS devices on par with Android in terms of offline database storage. I don't think they've communicated official timelines though.  

I wouldn't recommend utilising the browser's inbuilt local storage due to security concerns.


Unfortunately Apple is not too keen on allowing webapps having the same capabilities as native apps, but with the possibility to receive push notifications from iOS 16.4 on, we are starting to see this change a bit. For now however, it's still early days for PWA's on Apple devices and you will have to work from the cache, rather than a local database.