Determining if native app is running in testflight

Is there a way to determine whether a native app is running on Testflight or is based on appstore? Accoring to react-native-device-info library, the GetInstallerPackageName() function should be able to do that but if I try to call this function in my Mx 9.24.9 app I get the following error: (see below the function that I'm using) 'f.default.getInstallerPackageName is not a function.  I don't necessarily need to use this function but I do need to find a way to test a functionality on testflight while not releasing it immediately on production and thanks to the automatic OTA, I cannot publish a new version only to testflight.   P.s I know that I could try to make invasive changes so that I can no longer use OTA, but I just feel there should be a better way to use OTA and testflight that I'm not aware of.     ``` export async function GetDeviceIDInstallerPackageName() {     return Promise.all([         createMxObject("QINative.DeviceInfo"),         DeviceInfo.getInstallerPackageName()     ]).then(async ([mxObject, InstallerPackageName]) => {         mxObject.set("InstallerPackageName", InstallerPackageName);         return mxObject;     }); ```  
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