Phone Web Offline Profile - Error - this browser does not support offline functionality - blank pages on Desktop, doesnt load on smartphone at all

I've encountered an issue while attempting to run a Mendix Phone Web Offline App. When I try to access it using the Desktop Chrome browser, an error message pops up stating, "This browser does not support offline functionality." I'm curious if there is a specific browser that does support it on the desktop or if the Offline-First feature is not compatible with desktop usage altogether?   Additionally, when I try to launch the app on my smartphone, the page fails to load. I've already disabled the Company VPN, but I'm unable to turn off the Windows Firewall. Any suggestions or insights on how I could get this work?   Thank you!
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You may want to read this article about limitations for an offline first PWA in certain browsers: WebSQL Removal and How It Affects Your Mendix PWAs