Issues Implementing Offline Functionality in a PWA with Mendix

Hello, I am encountering a challenge with implementing a Phone Web Offline profile to add Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality in Mendix. Despite following the documentation, the app does not automatically switch to offline pages when the internet is disconnected. This issue persists even though I have configured the database to synchronize specific objects. Additionally, while testing this functionality works on a desktop, it fails to operate correctly on mobile devices. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Thank you!
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Maybe related to this issue:

Chromium-based web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Android) will drop support for WebSQL in updates released after October 31, 2023. This will cause offline-first Mendix progressive web applications (PWAs) to no longer work on these browsers. In this blog, we explain how to mitigate this situation in the short term by extending support for WebSQL until May 2024, and in the long term by switching to different storage technology.