Native template upgrade from version 6 to version 7

Hi, I want to Upgrade Native template 6 to Native template 7, when the app was developed we were using a lower Mendix version with which native template 6 was compatible, but now we have upgraded the Mendix to the 9.24.12 version so we also want to upgrade the native template to version 7. I couldn't find any proper documentation for a native template upgrade.   Thanks in advance
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Hello Kalyani


The Native Builder UI should have warned you regarding the template update...


If not, you can try:

  • Rename your template folder from (for example) c:\mx-projects\my-project-template to c:\mx-projects\my-project-template-old. Then, create a blank folder c:\mx-projects\my-project-template. The Native Builder UI will rebuild your template, using the latest template version available, if you start the building process on this blank folder.
  • If you happen to have any customization in your old template, you can copy them to the new one.