Make it Native 10 doesnt work

Hi,    I'm following the native mobile courses and I'm trying to preview my app in the make it native app. However, it throws some errors (see the picture). I can't get it to work on my mobile device (IOS) when I'm trying to scan the QR code. I've downloaded BlueStacks and the Make it Native 10 app on the emulator and it does work on that. Furthermore, the runtime port is 8080 and both devices are connected to the same private network. Do you have any tips on how I can get it to work on my mobile device?   Thanks in advance!  
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Hi Patrick,


Could you please try below suggestions?

1. Disable firewall and anti-virus. (Note: It's recommended to configure access rules to allow your app through the firewall or real-time antivirus protection instead of disabling them entirely.)   - Restart Mendix Studio Pro and run the app again.

2. Verify that ports 8080 and 8083 are not being used by any other application.

3. Try changing your network, perhaps by using a hotspot?


Document for your reference: