How can I build an apk from a Mendix mobile application?

I'm currently working on a mobile application in Mendix, that I want to deploy eventually to the Android Play Store. I followed the step-by-step configuration guide on the building process, and as a result, I managed to get a project file which I could load into Android Studio. I felt like the tutorial guide ended as soon as the project files have been generated after the Mendix build, and I cannot really find any information afterwards. Could someone help me walk trough the building process after the Mendix build?   Thanks in advance!
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Hello Boldizsár, 


It's a bit outdated, but you can try my Medium article to get more infos:

in which is presented a python script to locally generate your APK/AAB from your project.


Basically, you have to:

  1. Execute the Build Native App UI and complete the procedure to generate the React Native Template containig the Bundle. Now, from Mendix 10.7, the local generation is the recommended way to generate APKs (in opposition to generate using AppCenter) 
  2. Open a cmdline in the template directory and execute the commans below:
    1. npm install --legacy-peer-deps
    2. npm run configure
  3. Then, change to the android folder:
    1. cd .\android
  4. And run the command to generate the Unsigned Debug APK:
    1.  .\gradlew.bat assembleAppstoreDebug

You have to have the Android SDK installed in your system.


To generate the unsigned Release APK you should use:

  • .\gradlew.bat assembleAppstoreRelease


To sign your APK you can use Android Studio to generate the *.keystore file.

More details in this link:


Hope this info helps!


There are detailed instructions in the Android Studio documentation, which you can find here. That first link is for building a publishable apk. If you just want to build an APK for testing it on your emulator / own devices, you can follow these steps instead.