Make It Native 10 Developer Mode not working

Hi community,   I'm currently building a Native App within 10.6.3, therefore I have installed Make It Native 10 on my iOS device to run the app. So far so good, however, when I toggle 'Developer Mode' and try to run the app it remains stuck on the 'Crafting...' screen. Without the Developer Mode being activated, everything works fine. Also, this issue doesn't seem to occur when I test it on the Android variant of the Make It Native 10 app. There are no errors to be found in any of the logs.   10.6.5 gives the same results, so unfortunately this is not a solution either.   Note that this has never happend to me while using the Make It Native 9 app.   Does anyone know what's causing this?   Thanks.
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There's been a recent update of the MiN app that broke some stuff. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon with a new update. 

My workaround for this kind of situation is to build a custom developer app, it basically works the same as the MiN app.