Make it native 10 issues

I've recently upgrade to Mx 10.6.5 and downloaded the make it native 10 app to test my app locally.   The first issue I encountered is when I run the modeler locally, and press 'view on your device' - 'view native mobile app' and then scan the barcode this error pops up:       However I can enter my local IP address manually which seems to work, however with a severe limitation:   Whenever I make a change in the modeler, those changes are not shown in the make it native app when I rerun locally. Only after I stop the modeler, then run locally, and then reconnect / launch the make it native app.    This is very time consuming and frustrating, taking about a minute to see if a simple UI change has the desired effect.   Does anyone know how to fix these issues?   I'm using a samsung galaxy S21, Mx 10.6.5, and the make it native app 10.
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Hi Paul,


I found the same issue when I scan QR code.

You can write the url of your localhost directly and it works for me. Make native 10 take more time to run but then work fine.