Bad performance in Native (2+ seconds)

I'm showing a simple list of items in a native page, retrieved by XPath association containing a possible search filter on a String attribute. This list will contain an average of 100 items. But showing and filtering this list is too slow on slightly older devices (Iphone 8): 2+ seconds. This needs to be faster, as the process behind this requires some speed.   What would be best practice for showing a list of aprox. 100 items that can be filtered fast?   Edit: This is how my List View looks like: Retrieving from the database, and filtered by search string, which can be empty. Changes to the search string are applied after 250ms.
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Hi Pedro,


First of all , beter to use the Gallery widget instead of List view. The Gallery widget performs way better and smoother and has default search input filters you can place at the top area. 


If the default filter widget is not sufficient, fall back on a nanoflow. I have good experience with a nanoflow and the 'contains' constraint, it takes just milliseconds to show the results.


How do you synchronize the data to the device? Do you synchronize all the data to the device and give them the option to filter in the available data or do you get the data by MF with the synchronize to device activity the moment they are going to search? 


How does the page and your filter look like? You have a search string with a datasource NF? Maybe a screenshot would help to get a better idea of the situation.