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Does Mendix sync child objects that are inherited from the parent if I sync the parent to the device? I think the logical answer is No. I have a case with the below details: I have request main entity and a child entity for a specific service inherited from the parent, In mobile, i have a catalog page in which the user selects the overview page. In nanoflow, when the user selects a specific page, I sync the request entity objects that are related to this service (the parent entity). The page displays the service requests (child), and the data is displayed normally. When I click on an old request (child entity) created from the web, it displays the attributes normally without even syncing the child object, and of course the navigation sync setting is in (nothing preserves data for that child entity). So my question is, how? how the child objects with the attributes displaying normally?  
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I think specializations should normally be synced as well. It's easier to visualize when using an example like Dog and Cat, which are specializations of "Pet".


If you're syncing "Pet", to me, it would make sense to also sync Dog and Cat entities. After all, both of these are Pets, they just have some extra information. This should be easily tested though by checking what is in your local database directly after a sync.


Edit: starting to question what you wrote since you are talking both about parents and children, but also inheritance. Are you talking about generalizations and specializations or about associations?