How to run mendix mobile app on emulator in Android studio

Hello everyone! Since last week i have been trying to launch my mendix mobile app using different kind of emulators: Bluestacks and Genymotion and it didn't work, also i tried to start the app from the mobile device, however it didn't work for me either: i got the error about port and Metro. After that i decided to use the emulator in Android Studio: followed all steps in documentation ( of how to do it and also received plenty of errors there, for example: problems with 'com.mendix.mendixnative' and dependencies connected with mendix .So i would be really grateful if you could help me with this issue I was working in Mendix Studio 10.6.3
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I'm particularly avoid to use emulators, since they consume memory and CPU.


I prefer to use physical devices attached via USB and use a mirroring sofware called SCRCPY:

This is a opensource application that works fine on Win, Mac and Linux. You can use also SCRCPY+

a GUI version of this tool


In addition, I also avoid to use game emulators to test my applications. These emulators comes with a lot of bloatwares that causes performance issues. If you want to use emulators, use the Android Studio emulator, as you mentioned in your message, but use only the emulator, without the Android Studio IDE. Use the command line (via cmd, change the paths accordignly):

cd C:\programs\Android\SDK\tools && emulator -avd Pixel_3a_API_34_extension_level_7_x86_64

to discover the AVDs avaiable

cd C:\programs\Android\SDK\tools && emulator.exe -list-avds


Regarding your error message, are you using the Make it Native 10 app? 

Maybe you should use a custom Make it Native 10, compiled as Debug, so that you can have conditions to inspect the log messages (in the Android Studio LogCat) and proceed with the correction.


Only with the log messages you can be able to figure out the error and do the corrections...